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Logo Design

We are agile, on point with our dental logo design craft, and also ever improving. If that's jukebox music to your ears, you've come to the right place! We'll make the most of any kind of dental practice logo that you come to us with, even a lame one. But why settle for lamesauce if you don't have to? Make lasting, positive first impressions on prospective patients with a professionally-designed, distinctive logo that's anything but lame! Don't sell yourself short in the way you present your practice to patients. Get a dental logo that truly says something about the unique flavor and caliber of your practice.

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Dental Practice Logo Love

"We absolutely love our logo, website, stationery, and marketing materials produced by the stellar team at Practice Cafe. Thank you for helping us give shape to our brand of dental care."


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If your practice's dental logo design is the foundation for the rest of your dental marketing, think of stationery design options as elevation drawings that show you more developed ideas for your finished brand appearance. At the dental cafe, stationery design options include business card, letterhead, and envelope mock-ups. We start with three different concepts based on your vision and input, each showing possible design elements for building out your brand. These design building blocks are meant to complement and expand upon your dental logo in a way that starts to bring it to life for you and, soon, for your future patients!

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Referral Dental Marketing
for the Win

Referral dental marketing is patient retention's counterpart. These practice growth focuses are as close to home as it gets, where you have the most direct influence of any other dental marketing initiative. If you meet and exceed patients' expectations, they'll keep coming back. Win! And as you and your team continue to build trust with patients and make them feel like you care about them, they'll tell their family and friends about you. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

At Practice Cafe, we have years of experience designing a variety of affordable, straightforward dental marketing tools to assist you in your patient retention and referral endeavors.

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Direct Mail

When executed well, allowed enough time, and tracked diligently, dental direct mail can be a pleasing and profitable dental marketing investment, particularly for start-up practices. We offer both flexible, quarterly mailing programs and annual direct mail campaigns, so you can get what meets your dental marketing needs, fits your budget, and comes with a commitment you're comfortable with. Our turnkey dental direct mail services include custom design, high-quality printing, mailing lists with options (including new movers), dependable mailhouse fulfillment, transparent call tracking, initial phone training, and analysis.


Call Scoring

Without call tracking, you’re that guy or gal who says, “Half of my marketing is working, I just don’t know which half.” Don’t be that gal or guy! Tracking is a modern marketing marvel that you must take advantage of, unless you have a money tree growing in your sterilization area so you can keep spending no matter what. Practice Cafe's call scoring services take your dental marketing tracking to the next level with invaluable comprehensive data and insights on patient lead quality, conversions to appointments, phone staff performance, missed call rates, and a myriad of other details gleaned from a human being listening to and evaluating your marketing calls. Next-level data leads to next-level results!

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