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Meet Needs,
Solve Problems,
and Be Unique

Your dental practice brand should be a memorable, cohesive identity that tells people through marketing as well as patient experiences what makes your office a good fit for them. What's your story and your value proposition, and how are they unique compared to the competition? (It's often easier to be different than better.) Successful brand messaging hits the sweet spot, consistently aligning the benefits you offer to the needs of your community.

Meeting needs and solving problems in an appealing way attracts and keeps customers. You’ll be hard-pressed to find enough people to pay you to meet non-needs and solve non-problems.

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Party Time

Think of opening your dental practice like throwing a party, and your branding and marketing like the invitations to the party. You can assemble the perfect guest list and send out thousands of invitations, but if no one's enjoying themselves, then your party's a bust. When designing and fine tuning the customer experience of your practice, think about everything from your patients' perspective. Sometimes perception is everything!


Target Audience

Remember, the party is yours, but it's not for you. Your dental brand needs to appeal to your target patient audience, not just to you, your colleagues, or your friends. When it comes to making the final decisions for your branding, always go with what works for you and best reflects the desires of your ideal patients. Don't underestimate the discernment and expectations of today's consumers! They're receiving more invitations than ever before, so make sure your dental branding stands out and accurately portrays that your party is awesome.

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Brand Your Practice to
Be an Easy Choice

Plenty of factors keep people from going to the dentist, from budget concerns and scheduling conflicts to dental phobias. While some barriers are out of your control, many can be removed in the way you design your practice's patient experience and how you portray this in your strategic dental branding.

  • Incentives - New patient offers and competitive fees
  • Accessibility - An optimized dental website, visible signage, an accessible office, reliable answering and handling of calls, and prompt follow-up
  • Convenience - Extended hours and easy check-in
  • Atmosphere - TVs, beverages, and other amenities that will make your dental office feel less clinical
  • Accommodating Financing - Insurance acceptance and alternatives for patients without it

Repeat Exposure

Just as a barrage of invitations doesn’t guarantee a great party, a great party doesn’t simply announce itself. How will people know what your dental practice has to offer if you don’t get the word out? How will they come to recognize and understand your brand if they don’t see it repeatedly? Once you’ve established a practice brand image, use it wherever you can that makes sense and that generates results. This step requires a well-planned dental marketing investment, both for development and deployment, because a “whatever is left over” advertising budget won’t cut it in today’s competitive market.


Quality Photos

When you've invested valuable time and money into creating a beautiful dental practice that reflects your brand's philosophy, show it off in the best possible light with quality photos! Hire a professional if you need to—it's worth the investment. Great photos exponentially enhance your branding (especially your web presence), and they're quite often the tipping point that persuades people to choose to give you a try. Let people see for themselves in your photos what sets your dental office apart!


Refresh as Needed
to Stay Up-to-Date

You want a consistent dental brand image, but you don't want it set in stone. Refresh your branding as needed. This not only prevents your brand from getting dated, but it also helps spread out your expenditures and saves you from needing a total rebrand later because you got too behind.

Things online are constantly changing and evolving, so it's a good idea to focus the majority of your brand renovations on your web presence. (At Practice Cafe, we live what we preach and launch a new website every 2-3 years.)


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