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The Idea Behind
Practice Cafe

The idea behind Practice Cafe’s name and philosophy is smart, affordable dental marketing made fresh when ordered.

Like at a local, farm-to-table diner or cafe, your order will be customized to your patient goals and budget, tailor-made for your geographic area, and garnished to make your practice look better than the competition. We don’t believe in “prepackaged,” frozen marketing programs that are inflexible or stale in their design, content, or delivery. Likewise, we don’t believe in mysterious ingredient names meant to mask a lack of substance. Fresh food tastes better and is better for you!

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Taste fresh,
better marketing!

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The 7 C’s of our Philosophy



At Practice Cafe, we like good deals on great products as much as the next guy or gal. We’re committed to giving you the best value we can, thereby maximizing your dental marketing dollars. By partnering with like-minded vendors and, frankly, by dealing with thin profit margins in our own business, we’re able to serve up excellent products and services at competitive prices. If you find comparable marketing for less elsewhere, please let us know. We’d appreciate the chance to be a competitive option for you. Having said that, we can’t meet or beat all prices out there. Remember, you usually get what you pay for! Contact us to see if we’re a good fit for you.

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Customer Service

We subscribe to the golden rule of treating others the way we want to be treated: with professionalism, courtesy, and integrity. We invite you to experience our attentive, honest customer service. We know we’re essentially the sum of our parts. No matter what our owners or management group is doing behind the scenes, to you as a client, Practice Cafe is the sum of the customer service that you receive from your client rep and anyone else you work with. We invite you to come on in and become a Practice Cafe “regular” as we partner with you on your marketing success!

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The dental marketing space is saturated with competitors. Almost anyone with a computer and an internet connection can put up a website and call themselves a dental marketing expert. Here’s what we offer you in terms of capability: For 14 years, we’ve gained invaluable dental-specific experience that can’t be beaten by a newbie or by a general marketing firm. We’ve put in the painstaking hours to achieve expertise and determine the essential factors that matter most for dental marketing success.

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We believe in being honest and benevolent, and in doing good to everyone we work for. These are cornerstones of our business, and our integrity is worth infinitely more to us than money or any other measure of success. As part of this, we say what we mean and mean what we say. We’re transparent with our pricing, and we’re truthful in our reporting even when it’s unflattering to us. Also, we’re all human (No robots here!) and we sometimes make mistakes, so we try to make things right and do better next time. Nothing is the end of the world except the actual end of the world. In our view, life is too short to live any other way.

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With Practice Cafe, you’re not buying shoes or a gadget or a lamp that’s already made. You’re purchasing something that we’ll make together, whether it be a professional logo design, an eye-catching mailer, a user-friendly website, or a powerful digital marketing program. Creating your dental marketing together with us can be exciting but also challenging, especially since we might’ve just met! As we get to know each other, we hope you’ll find our team to be as artistic, original, expressive, resourceful, nimble, collaborative, and fun as we believe they are. We’re ready to apply all that creativity and flavor to your strategic dental marketing!

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That’s “c” for customization, not cookie-cutter. We seek to understand the essence of your dental practice philosophy and your value proposition, then we develop smart, customized marketing plans and designs to showcase what sets you apart from your competition. We love our custom designs because we’re designers and we put our heart into our work, but another benefit of working with Practice Cafe is flexible, customizable packages. Not every practice needs (or has budgeted for) the same mix of marketing projects. Come to us and let’s craft something specially ordered and specially made for you.

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Comprehensive Approach

We offer every essential service for dental marketing success, so you can get it all with one marketing partner. Some people get a thrill by negotiating the lowest possible price on any given service, even if it means compromising on quality or customer experience and dealing with many different vendors. Some people prefer dental clinics that are cheap. As the kids say these days, “You do you!” We can’t compete with $99 logos and we won’t guarantee effective PPC on a $300 budget. (We also don’t go to the cheapest dentist we can find, but rather we seek out quality providers whom we feel comfortable entrusting with our families’ oral healthcare for reasonable fees.) If you’re looking for the cheapest, piecemeal dental marketing options out there, we’re probably not for you. And that’s okay! We’re not for everyone. Practice Cafe is for dentists looking for quality, comprehensive dental marketing options, authentic service, and satisfying results for reasonable prices.

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