When people think of marketing, sometimes their sole focus is on a highly-visited website, direct mail pieces sent out by the thousands, or banners with lots of drive-by traffic. While the bigger media tend to yield bigger results, don’t overlook smaller, daily opportunities to promote your dental practice.

Stationery Is an Everyday Marketing Tool

Dental stationery can be an important everyday marketing tool, even if you never remember how to spell “stationery.” Letterhead and business card designs are also valuable stepping stools between your logo design and your whole brand image. At Practice Cafe, you’ll get three stationery design options to choose from, each representing a slightly different branding path. With a scrumptious stationery design, you’ll be one step closer to a robust dental practice brand.

Need a Dental Logo First?

Business Cards Haven’t Expired Yet

When opening a new dental practice, often before your office buildout is finished and before your larger marketing projects are ready for deployment (or still building momentum), your business cards and other stationery will be there for you. You can use them to get your name and brand image out in your community, to generate patient referrals, and to start pre-booking appointments. Even though rolodexes have pretty much become things of the past, business cards are a traditional marketing item that hasn’t expired yet. To make your business card more worth holding onto, consider putting a new patient offer on the back.

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