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Practice Cafe’s Story

We became Practice Cafe, LLC in 2005. Our background is in advertising, design, and business development; our focus has always been dental marketing.

In the beginning of the dental marketing adventure that we call "Practice Cafe," there were just four of us—a dad (Brian), a daughter (Angie), and a couple designers. (One of our designers was the daughter of a dentist.) Throughout the years, the size of our team has fluctuated. Since the pandemic, we work remotely a lot more than before. Something that has remained constant through it all is a group of great people striving to provide great service.

Great People,
Great Service

Our great people are who make Practice Cafe's great dental marketing services happen! We strive to treat our staff fairly and generously, and we continually strategize about how to help individuals grow and thrive in their roles so everyone who works on your dental marketing account is doing what they do best. We hope you feel these efforts come through in the excellent customer service and effective dental marketing that you receive from us! We know that no matter what the owners or management group of our dental marketing company is doing behind the scenes, to you as a client, Practice Cafe is the sum of the customer service that you receive from your client rep and anyone else you work with.

Meet Our Team

Dental Marketing

Throughout the years, Practice Cafe’s comprehensive approach to dental marketing has been one of the things that makes us different from much of our competition, of which there is plenty. We offer as many dental marketing services in-house as we can provide with our high standard of quality, so you can get everything you need marketing-wise in one friendly, effective, and trustworthy place—a place where we’re committed to giving you the best value we can.

Our Services
Doctor and hygienists taking a selfie

For several years, comprehensive start-up dental marketing was our specialty. In many ways, it still is because we’re fabulous at it!

But as our start-up clients have established and grown their practices, we have grown and expanded our dental marketing company alongside them, serving dentists at all stages of their careers and in every phase of practice growth.

Wherever you are in your dental practice journey, we’re here for you and we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re opening a brand new dental office, you’re ready to energize an existing one, or you’re poised to expand to multiple locations, we’d love the opportunity to partner with you on measurable dental marketing success that focuses on what’s most important to you.

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Let’s plan for
your success!


Awesome, Responsive
Dental Websites

We’d put our 8-panel mailer up against any dental mailer in the country, but direct mail alone does not a well-balanced dental marketing campaign make. We started creating dental websites in 2006. Between then and when website responsiveness became a thing, we offered mobile sites. After 2010 when Ethan Marcotte coined the term “responsive web design” and called it the “way forward,” we caught the responsive dental web design wave and have been riding it ever since. We started developing responsive dental websites in 2011. We have a dedicated team of expert web designers and developers—all in house—who create custom, premium WordPress dental websites (no third-party themes here). Your dental website can be a major roadblock to your practice growth, or it can be a solid stepping stone to dental marketing success and more prosperity. We know you have a mind-boggling number of dental website providers to choose from. Give us a call to see if we’re a good dental web design fit for you!

Website Gallery
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Digital Marketing is All of Our Future

Of course we hope that dental direct mail will always be a reliable method to increase new-patient flow with desirable acquisition costs and attractive returns on the investment, but our magic 8 ball says “Don’t count on it.” For the viability of our own dental marketing company as well as the well-being of our clients’ long-term dental marketing prospects, we’re not going to resist the future, at least not too hard. We started experimenting with digital marketing for dentists, specifically search engine optimization (dental SEO) and Google Analytics reporting, back in 2012. We launched our full-service, in-house digital marketing department in 2014, and we’ve been blessed to experience exponential growth. The reasons for this tremendous growth are client success, client success, and more client success!

Our digital dental marketing services are month-to-month so there’s no long-term commitment, but our retention rates are high as clients stick with what works. We hope you’ll be next to benefit from our honest, effective digital marketing for dentists!

Get moving
on your future!


A Note from Angie:
It's not easy!

Angie Headshot

For Christmas 2018, my husband Nate gave me a cool hand-drawn print for my office that says, “Running a business is easy and nothing ever goes wrong.”

Angie Cannon If you’re a dentist who runs your own practice or who is thinking about doing so, you probably know that this is meant to be a joke—a tongue-in-cheek nod to those of us who are visionary (crazy?) enough to be entrepreneurs. Running a business is not easy and things do go wrong. Sometimes even a month or a whole quarter goes wrong, or, heaven forbid, an entire year can go sideways! We’ve been there. We get it. So why do we do it?

Sometimes, in rare moments, I candidly don’t know exactly why we do it; sometimes it feels like the unseen forces against us are too strong. Most of the time, however, I know why I personally do this dental marketing thing. I want to apply myself, utilizing the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained, to serve mankind—or, in this case, “dentistkind”—and our employees and their families. I love to contribute in meaningful ways to my team and business, and I think being an employer who cares about more than the bottom line is special. I also like to help our clients solve their dental marketing problems and grow their businesses. I genuinely enjoy it when we grow and succeed together! Please reach out to see if we can make good things happen together!

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