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MARKETING FOR Existing Practices

Your Dental Marketing Should
Match Your Goals

How hungry are you? Are you looking to test the waters with some appetizer-style dental marketing, or are you ready for fully-loaded practice growth? Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle. Whatever your appetite, we have options for you! At Practice Cafe, our comprehensive menu of flexible dental marketing services has been designed to meet a wide variety of practice advertising needs and predictably grow your practice according to your goals. Some people want their pizza loaded with veggies, others are meat lovers, and some just want a couple toppings or plain cheese. Some strange people like us even prefer fruit on our pizza. Your favorite pizza place may have the best crust or the tastiest sauce. We hope Practice Cafe’s dental marketing and design style hits the spot for you, too!

Just like ordering pizza to your personal preferences, Practice Cafe’s dental marketing services can be mixed and matched to your practice goals. What you decide to do and spend should depend both on where you are and where you want to go.

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Digital Marketing Is
for Every Dental Practice

Your prospective patients are online, many of them for hours each day. To reach them where they’re looking for a dentist (on their devices), it’s time to implement a strategic, results-driven program with a team that specializes in digital marketing for dentists. Practice Cafe’s month-to-month digital marketing services are conversion-focused and effective, meant to generate both the amount and the kind of patient leads you want. The sooner you invest in pro-level, local dental SEO, the better off your website will be in the long-run! Don’t fall behind. Need a timely patient boost? Our paid ad service (dental PPC) produces quality patient leads for desirable acquisition costs.

If you’ve avoided making an online dental marketing plan because it feels overwhelming, sounds too expensive, or you’re worried about being taken advantage of, we understand. Please reach out to see if our value proposition resonates with you!


Food for Thought to Up Your Game

Goals for business growth can range from maintenance to mild, medium, or on-fire growth! Sometimes repair and healing are needed. It’s a lot easier to figure out how to get where you want to go when you know your starting point, so begin with an honest assessment of your dental practice’s metrics and marketability. When you feel solidly marketable or at least well on your way, actual dental marketing results will be more predictable and practice growth will be more forthcoming. In terms of marketable attributes, here are some categories and questions to consider:

Office Accessibility

  • Has your practice’s dental website been optimized for both humans and search engines? When prospective and current patients go there, is it easy for them to find the information they’re looking for (contact info, hours, doctor bio, pics, general services, new patient forms, etc.)?
  • Are you utilizing and maximizing your signage opportunities? If you’re permitted, have you tried a seasonal banner to promote specials, to advertise particular services of interest, and/or simply to increase top-of-mind awareness?
  • Is your team prepping people prior to their first visit? When new patients are scheduled to come into your office for the first time, is your front desk staff making sure that they have directions, that they know what your office looks like and/or what it’s next to, and that they know what to expect when it comes to parking?
  • Do you know what your team’s call answering and conversion rates are? Do you have a system for recording and auditing at least a sample of patient calls each month or quarter? Does your team have access to some kind of phone training program?

Practice Atmosphere

  • Do you have a refreshment bar? Even a simple water cooler and a bowl of mints is a nice touch, but many people really appreciate a beverage station where they can grab a cup of coffee while they’re waiting for their kid’s appointment or when they’re on their way out the door.
  • If you have TVs in the operatories, what is available for patients to watch? If you sat down as a patient, would you be pleased with your options, especially if you had a longer procedure ahead of you?
  • What other measures have you and your team taken to help patients feel at ease in your office? Are there disposable toothbrushes and travel-size toothpaste in the bathroom for patients coming right from their lunch breaks? The seemingly small details can make a big difference!

Patient Incentives

  • Do you ever offer a discounted new patient visit or something like it to lower the barrier for prospective patients to try your practice? If so, is your discounted price appropriate in proportion to what patients will be expected to pay for recall visits? Don’t go too low with your discounted price, as it will likely have an effect you’re not intending.
  • Do you know how your fees compare to others in your immediate area? Does your front desk have established guidelines for how to answer questions from new patient callers who are looking for price points?

Payment Options

  • If you’re in-network with insurance(s), does your front desk staff have a reference list of plans you’re a provider for? Do you know what insurances callers frequently ask about and/or what the common insurances are in your area? Does your team have a script/guide for talking to patients about filing with out-of-network insurance?
  • Is your team aware of and informed about the financing options available to patients?
  • Have you checked out the possibility of an in-house membership/savings plan? This option can substantially increase your appeal to uninsured patients, and it fosters patient loyalty with all participants.

Read our article, 10 ways to increase new patient retention to improve the patient experience at your practice.

Learn About Marketability

Getting to Know You

Before we can cook up some fresh and fabulous dental marketing for you, we need to know how you’d like it cooked, metaphorically speaking. Also, what side dishes sound good to you, and would you prefer an ice-cold beverage or a milkshake to go with your dental marketing meal? We’ve been serving smart and effective dental-specific marketing since 2005, and we believe that our expertise and services could be the solution you’ve been looking for to reach your new-patient goals. As we get to know you better, we’ll be better equipped to recommend dental marketing options that will be right for your appetite and that will satisfy your cravings!

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