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Hi y’all, Dixie here. Like the new Practice Cafe site? It has been a long time coming!

We’ve been doing responsive dental websites for clients since 2011, but our poor website has been on the back burner waiting for its own update. *Insert sad trumpet sound.* Ever heard the saying “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”? Here at the Cafe, our clients’ websites keep us very busy, and they have taken priority over our company site. As of spring 2015, Google boosts the ranking of mobile-friendly webpages, so we finally made time to cook up a mobile-friendly update to our company site. Get the kids some shoes!

In general, the dental industry has been slower than some other industries to see major shifts in web traffic to mobile search, but things are heating up in the dental kitchen. We’re seeing trends moving from 10-20% mobile traffic to more like 30-40% for many practices. Some of our dentist clients are heading towards 50% of all their web traffic coming from mobile searches. If you’re like us and have put this aspect of your practice website on the back burner, now is a good time to see if you can get it moved up on your priority list. We would love to do a responsive website for you!

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    1. Dixie says:

      Thank you, Norman! We sure appreciate you stopping by!

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