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dental marketing tips and strategies
little girl with a big smile

Tooth Fairy Day

Celebrating The Tooth Fairy In Your Dental Office Although not all families will observe the tradition of leaving money under a child’s pillow after losing a tooth, the tooth fairy is a widespread tradition across America. The tooth fairy provides an approachable tool to help kids feel excited about oral health and hygiene. What could … Continued

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review prompts

Reviews for Dentists

Your online reputation is so much more important than some people realize. You might think you’ve built a successful practice, but a poor reputation online can hold you back from achieving your personal and professional goals as a dentist and business owner. These days, prospective patients have seemingly unlimited options when it comes to selecting … Continued

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Saturated vs. Targeted Dental Direct Mail Marketing

Is direct mail still effective? What kind of dental mailing campaign is best for me? How granular can I get with my targeting of households? These are all good questions you may be asking if you’re considering sending out mailers for your dental practice. We’re here to tell you that direct mail is not obsolete … Continued

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Marketing for Pediatric Dental Practices

Whether you’re opening up a new pediatric or family-focused dental practice, or looking to grow your existing dental practice by adding more patient families with children, marketing plays a huge role in creating brand awareness and generating new patient leads. This post is full of things to keep in mind for both the start-up as … Continued

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