The first reason Practice Cafe clients send a dental postcard is typically to announce the opening of a new office, whether it be a startup practice, a new office you’re moving to, or an additional location in a new area.

Announce Your Opening

Supplemental Direct Mail

Another good reason to choose a dental postcard is to supplement a primary mailer. Our supersized postcard can be your ultimate one-focus piece if you’re hankering to promote a specific service like dental implants, a single practice benefit such as being kid-friendly, or a seasonal special. This brings us to another strongpoint of a postcard: the ease in which recipients can locate the offer. Simply flip it over, and bon appétit! This is one reason postcards lend themselves very well to cost-driven advertising. Of course there are a variety of ways to draw attention to special offers and promotions on any size mailer.

The All-Important Budget

A third reason to opt for a dental postcard is the all-important budget. As many of you probably know (maybe even from personal experience), dentists too often end up with a “marketing budget” that is merely leftovers after the rest of the loan monies have been allocated. This isn’t ideal because adequate dedicated marketing funds can help preserve and maximize the rest of your practice investment. Marketing increases the likelihood of your schedule staying full enough that you won’t need to use up your operating capital just to get by from day to day in the beginning. Having said that, deciding on a postcard for a lower budget mailing campaign can be a sensible decision to bring in enough new patients to get the cash flow going. Then, after things pick up, you can upgrade to a more robust campaign with a larger piece that will appeal to more people, generate more phone calls, and bring in higher quality patients. When making healthcare decisions, remember that most people want more information, not less.

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