• Practice Cafe SEO and PPC are doing a fantastic job driving new patient leads.

    Dr. Clauser | Buffalo, NY
  • Thank you so much for your patience and perseverance in working to create a logo that we love. I am really happy with the final product, and I really appreciate all that you and your team have done to make it happen!

    Jennifer (Pediatric Practice) | Knoxville , TN
  • Everything looks great. You guys have been great to work with. Thank you.

    Dr. Gronemyer | Redmond, OR
  • Everyone I’ve shown the logo to loves it – already had some t-shirts made up with it as we start to roll it out. It’s a lot of fun to play around with, and it looks great on anything marketing-wise. As far as branding goes, it’s going to work out great. You guys did a great job! Thanks!

    Dr. Schwab | Waco, TX
  • When I decided to do a start-up practice, I thought that things would start out slow and pick up after a few months (hopefully) as I built up a patient base. Thanks to Practice Cafe’s mailers and demographic reports, my schedule was booked the first day the office was open and is showing no signs of slowing down. I started off with an office manager and one dental assistant. By the end of the first week, I was already doubling my staff in order to keep my head above water. The location they helped me find is so ideal that the phone rings constantly and numerous new patients walk in to schedule appointments every day, and most have the mailer in hand!

    Dr. Miller | San Marcos, CA
  • I am super excited by the work you and your team have put in so far. It is refreshing to work with such a professional and talented company. I have already been spreading the word to colleagues about your services. Thanks again!

    Dr. Adey | Kennett Square, PA
  • I was planning on opening a dental office in my hometown, which I thought was a great location. After recommendations from dentists on Dentaltown.com, I decided to have a Practice Cafe grid analysis done just to be safe. I’m so glad I did. I’m now going to be moving my family and starting up in an area 30 miles away with greater growth, huge need, and a much higher average income as opposed to the saturated area that I was looking at. I feel the decision to get a demographic analysis done has set me up for much greater success with my start-up, as it highlighted the location in my area with the absolute greatest need for a dentist. I would never have found this location on my own. Worth every penny.

    Dr. McCord | Demographic Report Client
  • Thanks again for everything. Your team has been top-notch and headache-free from the start.

    Dr. Moheban | Maynard, MA
  • We love our website. Not only does it result in a lot of phone calls that we can track but I actually get patients telling me how fantastic they think my website is on a regular basis. In fact, I have had a few other docs in town talk about how amazing they think my website is. I am sorry for not sending them your way but I do send my out-of-town friends to you.

    Dr. Petersen | Las Cruces, NM
  • The practice has been growing day by day… That’s the exciting part! Also, my patients have really pointed out how amazing the logo and practice branding look. I’m so glad that you folks were there for me from the beginning.

    Dr. Lopez (Pediatric Dentist) | Alexandria, VA
  • I have used Practice Cafe for everything with the same great results that the previous posters mentioned. I used Practice Cafe when I opened my start-up over a year ago. They provided me with everything from demographic reports to a very professional looking direct mail campaign that gave me tremendous results. Utilizing all of Practice Cafe’s offerings, I was able to attract over 100 new patients a month in the first year of my start-up. The results with the direct mail campaign were so successful that I signed them up for a second year campaign. Everyone that works there is a pleasure to deal with and they create outstanding looking websites, signs, and direct mailers. I also started using their SEO program and every month my Google search list rankings continue to move up. Great company.

    Dentaltown.com Post
  • We are asked often how we have grown so quickly and my immediate reply is: “Without a doubt, Practice Cafe.” I’m particular with the quality of dentistry we deliver and we needed a company who could portray that quality and be as particular in our marketing materials. Practice Cafe delivers excellent quality, has a proven strategy, and provides an excellent experience.

    Dr. Kanning | Lawson, MO
  • Thanks so much to you and your team for getting my ad completed and perfect on such a tight schedule. I can’t say how appreciative I am!

    Dr. Nelson | Jamaica Plain, MA
  • We are so happy with all the work Practice Cafe has done. The logo and the banner were perfect! We look forward to seeing the stationery.

    Marissa | Aurora, CO
  • I wanted to thank Josh Crockett and Practice Cafe once again for providing me with an extremely thorough and valuable grid report and specific sites report. I have had many different demographic reports run by dental specific demographers and Practice Cafe’s is by far the most valuable. The report is the most comprehensive demo report I have seen. It is exactly what I need to make the best decision on where to start up. The grid report allowed me to pick a few specific sites based on a radius demography. Josh was able to provide this data in an expedited manner and at a fraction of the cost of other demographers. I anticipate using Practice Cafe for all of my dental branding for my new office. I highly recommend Practice Cafe’s demographic reports for anyone hoping to find their ideal location to open or purchase a dental practice!

    Dr. Mauro | Pittsburgh, PA
  • You really work efficiently. Thank you for the prompt work.

    Dr. Malya | Grid Report Client
  • Things have been going better than I ever expected over the last year. You guys are a big part of that. We’ve seen 100% growth from two years ago when I bought the practice. That’s why Rachel may complain I don’t answer her emails fast enough. 😉 I guess that’s the monster we created. It’s the little things. For example, we can’t keep up with our supply inventory anymore so we’re trying to automate the ordering process. I love it!

    Dr. Simpson | Shreveport, LA
  • Everyone at Practice Cafe does give amazing service. We appreciate all your help.

    Jones Family Dentistry | Tempe, AZ
  • I also used Practice Cafe for my start-up. They helped with everything from the website to mailers. I agree with the previous poster about their work ethic and professionalism. The demographic reports truly helped in finding a great location and the phone rings every time one of my mailer campaigns hits homes. I keep getting compliments about my website. Thanks Practice Cafe! Ask for Josh. You will not be sorry.

    Dentaltown.com Post
  • There is not a week that goes by that we don’t get a compliment on what a fantastic mailer we have; patients regularly comment on the professional quality of the piece and the wealth of information it provided. We have loved working with Practice Cafe and have received great results through their direct mail campaign (as well as website design and branding). The 8-panel mailer was one of the highest quality designs we’ve seen and used, and has ultimately driven more new patients in our door.

    Dr. Rigby (Prosthodontist) | Austin, TX
  • [The mailer] has been our BEST referral source of any we have ever done.

    Dr. Kluth | Noblesville, IN
  • We were very pleased with this year’s campaign. We were getting 40–50 new patients a month compared to 20-30 in the previous year. I think we would like to do another campaign in the near future.

    Laura | Arnold, MO
  • The site is beautiful. I am SO happy I decided to hire Practice Cafe! You have done such wonderful work and been very responsive to communications, and have produced wonderful products in a time crunch! I really appreciate you working so hard on this for me. By the way, everyone LOVES my logo! I had an acrylic sign made to hang on the wall in the front of my office, and it looks great!

    Dr. Beck (Periodontist) | San Diego, CA
  • The rack cards arrived this week and you were right, they did turn out fabulous! Also, we keep hearing great feedback from all of our patients who were inspired by all the direct mailers, promo postcards, etc, and called to schedule appointments!

    Grace | Austin, TX
  • Thanks for all of your help. The practice has gotten off to a great start.

    Dr. Koenig | Longmont, CO
  • I have a little predicament. Due to the overwhelming success of the first round of mailers, we are completely swamped! This is amazing, however, we are having trouble getting patients scheduled in a timely manner. I would like to discuss with you and the team about postponing the mailer until summer.

    Dr. Tran | Santa Cruz, CA
  • This year’s campaign was very successful! Thank you!

    Susan | Wadsworth, OH
  • Had Practice Cafe do a demographic analysis. Easily convinced me (numerically) to look outside my hometown for a start-up. In fact, pretty much highlighted the location in my area with the highest demand… I would say if you are looking for a location, give them a call. I’m very glad that I did. They have been responsive and very helpful.

    Dentaltown.com Post
  • I started working with Practice Cafe in January (2015) and they have been one of the easiest parts of this whole process. They are top-notch and I can’t say enough good things about them. I did their start-up package (Blueplate Special) and I felt like it was pretty comprehensive. I have been very satisfied with all of their services but thought the logo turned out especially well. Being in a high desert/mountain area, I’m going for a lodge/rustic feel. They were able to recreate that with the logo and tie it all together.

    Dentaltown.com Post
  • You guys are a very transparent and honest company, and we have always enjoyed that wonderful quality of yours.

    Dr. Arzegar | Austin, TX
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