Our PPC Manager, Casey Shults, was born and raised in Rochester, New York. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in journalism from The College at Brockport, State University of New York, Casey sandwiched in a few years in Boston, Massachusetts before returning home to Rochester. In 2015, Casey and her husband, Mike, packed up their three kids and their pup, Molly, and moved down to Austin, Texas, thereby trading in four full seasons for what can only be considered “almost two” seasons. Casey insists there will be no more moving (unless Aruba is the destination)!

Casey loves exploring Austin with her family and cheering on the kids at their sporting events. In addition to the beautiful beaches of Aruba, Casey’s list of favorite places includes South Carolina’s Outer Banks, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Arlington National Cemetery.

Practice Cafe’s tight-knit work environment was exactly what Casey was looking for, so she came on board in 2015. We’re so glad that she did! Casey feels the most satisfaction from helping PC’s digital marketing clients get more quality new patient leads from dental PPC campaigns. Her favorite memory here at the Cafe so far is when our Sales Director, Josh, received a series of anonymous Tiff’s Treats cookie deliveries. As a true crime fan, it’s no surprise that Casey was quite entertained by the full-fledged investigation* that followed these mysterious—and delicious—deliveries.

Fun Fact: Casey’s mutt Molly hates people in uniforms. Thankfully, the Practice Cafe dress-code consists of mostly t-shirts and yoga pants, so we can pet her all we want when she visits!

*As of today, this investigation is actually closed. If you’d like to learn the identity of our secret cookie-gifting crusader, stay tuned for future employee spotlights!