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A dental website working for you 24/7 can work even better when it’s optimized for local keyword searches that people are using to find a dentist in your area. Every Practice Cafe website design comes with one-time, basic on-site search engine optimization (SEO). You can further maximize your online marketing presence by investing in additional dental SEO and/or dental PPC (pay-per-click) services, both of which we offer in-house on a month-to-month basis.

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Why Pay for SEO?

Search engines are constantly making updates that can greatly affect your online presence. Your competition and keywords are also in continual flux, and search engines now demand more fresh content than ever before. Top it off with the rapid rise of mobile search, and you’ll quickly see the value of a pro-level dental SEO program. Practice Cafe’s SEO services are results-driven and effective, designed to deliver. Ranking on page one is a means to an end, not the end itself. We work to improve your dental website rankings, bringing you a return on your online marketing investment in the form of increased web visits and more new patient leads.

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Dental SEO Program Features & Pricing

Initial Dental SEO Setup


  • Site health diagnosis
  • Visibility analysis
  • On-page tune-up
  • Initial keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Creation or update of local pages and directory listings on Google+, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and more
  • Dynamic phone call tracking setup
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Ongoing Monthly Dental SEO Services


  • Advanced reporting and analysis
  • Content creation, including original monthly blog posts
  • Technical improvements, including an SSL certificate if we’re hosting (because Google likes the added security)
  • Dynamic phone call tracking
  • Link building, including relevant directory listings
  • Ongoing competitor analysis and backlink evaluations
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Digital Dental Marketing Add-On Side Dishes

Dental PPC Management

Starting at $295/month + Ad Spend (There is regularly a $695 setup fee, but PPC setup fees are currently being waived!)

When you launch a pay-per-click campaign, you’re doing exactly that — campaigning for your dental practice by paying for clicks, or visits, to your website. PPC enables you to draw in more website visitors based on specific web search queries that match what you have to offer in terms of dental services and location. For these specific search queries, your business will show up in the prominent sponsored search results, which are placed before organic results and map listings. The people who respond to your PPC ads might not see you otherwise. The vast majority of searchers don’t look past the first page of organic search results, making it imperative that your practice gets featured near the top of search to be highly successful in attracting new patients online. PPC campaigns require knowledgeable, attentive maintenance to be effective and cost-efficient. The biggest benefit of a trustworthy professional’s expertise is that you’ll get more bang for your buck. Practice Cafe’s PPC management services include dynamic phone call tracking as well as regular audits of samples of tracked calls. When you sign up, ask us for more details!

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Facebook Advertising

Starting at $195/month + Ad Spend (After $395 setup fee)

You could reach a new audience in an engaging way through paid Facebook advertising. Return on this digital marketing investment will be seen in more traffic to and activity on your practice’s Facebook page. This will lead to more potential new patients discovering your practice, which they can then recommend to others in their social network. Facebook has been great about adding functionality to business pages, and about making conversion-focused elements more noticeable and user-friendly. You can add call-to-action buttons, patients can leave reviews, and, with a third-party app or widget, you can even offer appointment scheduling. So if the rest of your digital marketing ducks are already in a row, consider adding Facebook advertising as a solution for growing your practice’s online presence and increasing new patient leads through this popular social media outlet.

Practice Cafe’s Facebook advertising service includes the creation of ads that match your practice’s branding and online identity. Visual engagement is the most compelling part of a Facebook ad! We also target ads to appropriate audiences, with ongoing refinement of campaigns conducted based on their performance, which will all be reported to you monthly. The setup of this service includes setting up your Facebook advertising interface and linking it with Google Analytics tracking.

Please note: This service is different from social media posting, which adds content to your business’ page but it isn’t necessarily sponsored (although social posts can be boosted). Check out our Social Media Posting service below, which includes weekly social posts.

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Online Practice Reputation Management

$295/month/location (After $195 setup fee)

Patients are increasingly relying on online reviews as one of the deciding factors in their search for healthcare providers, including dentists, and research has shown that it’s important to respond to negative reviews. It can feel impossible to manually keep an eye on all relevant reviews sites to effectively and promptly manage your online reputation, and it can be difficult to know the most professional way to respond to negative reviews. We’re here to help! Practice Cafe’s online reputation management service combines review solicitation and monitoring with timely and appropriate responses to negative reviews, all in partnership with the leading review management platform, Podium.

  • Keep an eye on reviews. Podium’s user-friendly team dashboard brings all of your practice’s reviews from across the web into one place, where you can see, sort, filter, and respond to reviews directly from the dashboard. Dashboard data also offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of your various review campaigns.
  • Get more reviews, easier. We know that getting reviews is challenging. Podium makes it easier to ask for reviews, and for happy customers to give them using their smartphones. The efficient mobile communication process has been shown to yield up to 15 times more reviews than traditional review platforms!
  • Manage reviews on the go. Your patients aren’t the only ones who will benefit from Podium’s mobile system. The iOS and Android app is free for your team to see and manage existing reviews, to send invites for new reviews, and to view analytics data, all from a smartphone.
  • Enjoy practice software integration. Podium allows true automation for your dental practice by integrating with your practice management software. We seek out the best tools to help us provide you with the best customer experience possible.
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Social Media Posting

$145/month (This is an add-on service only.)

Add Practice Cafe’s social media posting service to help bolster your online presence and reputation. We’ll post weekly to up to two of your selected social media outlets (from Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Instagram, and Pinterest). Social media offers you an additional opportunity to engage patients in your dental practice community, and to promote services and specials to them. Practice Cafe’s fun and informative “shareable” posts help keep your practice top-of-mind with existing patients, and they give patients the power to spread smiles by passing along the good word about you and your practice.

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Enhanced Dental Blogging (Weekly Posts)

$150/month (This is an add-on service only.)

In many markets, the monthly blog posts included in our dental SEO program will give you a competitive edge as far as new website content creation goes. In other, more competitive markets, it will take more frequent additions to your website to keep up with and hopefully pass your competitors. That’s why we offer enhanced blogging, which provides you with weekly posts (4 per month) to keep your website active and growing. Our blog posts are fresh, engaging content written with your patients and community in mind. They are also designed to pass search engine taste tests!

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