Does Dental Direct Mail Really Work?

When executed well and given enough time, dental direct mail absolutely works and can be a wonderfully profitable marketing investment. Our average dental mailing client gets more than a 400% return on their marketing dollar!

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Direct Mail vs. Junk Mail

Direct mail is only “junk mail” when it doesn’t appeal to the recipient. When targeted to those with probable interest, this form of marketing is a powerful medium. Perhaps the single most favorable and influential aspect of direct mail is the attention it receives by recipients who decide to review it. Not many (if any) common mass advertising media have the advantage of relatively undivided attention like direct mail has. TV and radio commercials are sandwiched between other ads. Billboards are seen in passing, and they’re competing with passengers, other cars, traffic signs, and radio, just to name a few things. Even print ads in newspapers and magazines have to compete with a variety of editorial and commercial content. And the web is a real jungle! This is, of course, not to say that direct mail is the only marketing medium that has proven effective and powerful (we’re huge fans of digital advertising). Our point is that direct mail has the great advantage of less competing messages and more “one-on-one” time as it is digested by consumers.

8-Panel Mailer

At Practice Cafe, we don’t think one single size dental mailer fits all practices or all campaigns. The best size mailer for your campaign will depend on its intended purpose and scope, and on your budget. Our 11″x17″ direct mailer folds in half twice to have eight panels, hence its supremely creative name “8-Panel Mailer.” We consider our 8-panel an ideal primary dental direct mail piece because it has generous enough real estate to include at least one service or amenity that will appeal to almost anyone in the target market who opens it. It really is our bread-and-butter mailer because for more than a decade, it has proven supremely successful for our clients time and time again! For dentists who want to rise above mainly cost-driven advertising, this value-focused mailer presentation is the way to go.

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Dental Postcards by Practice Cafe


Announce a grand opening, supplement a primary mailer, or run a seasonal special. Bon appétit!

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4-Panel Dental Mailers by Practice Cafe

4-Panel Postcard

A small, yet satisfying marketing meal. Best suited for specialists or to highlight a couple of services.

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