Practice Cafe’s Workflow

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When you reach out to Practice Cafe about ordering some fresh, made-to-order marketing for your dental practice, your first contact will most likely be with a member of our sales team. Heath Houston is our Sales Director and works with Jason Whitener, our Sales Account Manager, and Paula Wheeler, our Marketing Campaign Strategist, to help new clients choose the design services and marketing plan that will best meet their business’ needs and goals. Jason also works a lot with returning clients to evaluate past successes and determine how to maximize future marketing investments. Jason Whitener and Paula Wheeler are our resident Demographic Analysts, serving up Practice Cafe’s valuable demographic reports that have helped more than 500 dentists locate their offices.

Start Planning Today

The Pitch

Once you’ve decided on the design package or single dental marketing project that’s right for your practice, Heath, Jason, or Paula will prepare to pitch your job to our creative team. During our pitch meeting for your project, the paperwork and other information gathered during the planning and sales process will be passed onto an assigned team comprised of a Design Project Manager, content strategists, and any designers and web developers who will be involved in the creation of your marketing materials (print and/or web).

In addition, we use our pitch meetings to brainstorm ideas for clients’ projects, including practice name ideas, and to identify details that still need to be discussed with you. Admittedly, these meetings also represent an astonishing consumption of snacks.

After the pitch for your job takes place, Heath, Jason, or Paula will email you the name and contact information of your Project Manager along with any deadline that has already been set for your first project. We’re looking forward to getting started!

Design Project Management

Darla Barar or Matt Webb will serve as a Design Project Manager liaison between you and our creative team of designers, content strategists, and web developers. Our Project Managers make it their mission to provide you with remarkable customer service. They will obtain remaining information needed for our team to effectively execute your marketing, and they’ll answer questions you might have about the upcoming design process. (We know the unfamiliarity of it can make you feel a little anxious.)

Your Project Manager will also guide you through the timing of what needs to happen and when, staying in close touch and communicating clearly so you feel informed about what we’re doing for you and, when applicable, what we need from you to move forward. Scheduling and time management is critical in the months, weeks, and days preceding the launch of a dental mailing campaign or practice website. We know you’re dealing with a lot of moving parts, especially if you’re a start-up practice, and you want a Project Manager who will stay on top of your marketing and designs, helping you keep all the balls you’re juggling up in the air. Practice Cafe Project Managers are here to get the job done for you.

Design & Copywriting

Through years of experience, we’ve found it to be most efficient and effective for clients to have one primary point-of-contact during each phase of our workflow. During the planning phase of a new job, your sales contact is this person; during the design phase, it is your Project Manager. Behind the scenes, we have a team of wonderfully creative and hard-working people who contribute their print and web design skills or content development expertise to your marketing. Your Project Manager will coordinate with these team members and communicate with them for you to create eye-catching, effective marketing materials that will achieve your vision and help grow your business.

Printing & Coding

Upon your official approval, final print designs move into our fulfillment department. The kind of project determines what happens next. External marketing pieces that will be mailed go to our Fulfillment Coordinator, Carla Quakenbush. Carla coordinates the in-house proofing that all of our mailers pass through before being printed, then she works with our design team to get your piece uploaded to our printer vendor partner, a commercial printing company we trust and work with on a daily basis.

Stationery print orders (business cards, letterhead, and envelopes) as well as internal marketing pieces such as referral cards and rack cards go first to your account’s manager, who will then involve our accounting department for your order. Together with our printer, we strive to ensure quality products and helpful customer service at the most competitive pricing we can offer.

For websites, when you have approved the final round of your dental website, it will pass through in-house proofing of the content before final tweaks are made to the code and on-site search engine optimization (SEO). For clients who want to take their websites to the next level with our ongoing dental SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and/or other enhanced digital services, the process for launching those efforts will be underway. Our Digital Marketing Manager, Rachel Himle, and our PPC Manager, Casey Shults, have superb teams of online marketing specialists who are at your disposal!

Mailing & Website Launching

Together with ongoing marketing campaign strategy, Jason Whitener also takes care of our client’s dental mailing list needs. He can target your list to your ideal patient demographic based on distance from your office (by radii and zip codes), dwelling (home) type, and estimated income levels among other possible parameters. Jason runs reports and makes maps to help you visualize where the households on your mailing list are. We often get asked if we can do saturation mailings in addition to targeted mailings, and the answer is yes! Carla Quakenbush analyzes relevant local scheduling concerns to determine optimal time periods for each of your mail drops because in dental marketing, good timing is almost as important as an appealing piece to mail.

For the duration of your mailing campaign, Carla will stay in touch with you about your remaining mail drops as they’re scheduled to happen, and Jason will be in touch about the status of your campaign’s success and opportunities for improvement. Our team will also keep in contact with you regarding how to maintain a campaign status of “active” for continued protection of your mailing list.

The launch of a new dental website with SEO and PPC endeavors can be as exciting as the anticipation of a new mailing campaign! After final proofing and coding work has been done, websites are uploaded to the web where they can live, thrive, and work for you in their natural habitat. We’ll also give you access to a personalized website dashboard that has relevant login information, a snapshot of Google Analytics data, and more helpful tips about maintaining your website. You can get to the sign-in page by clicking the blue “Web Dashboard Login” button in the upper part of our website.

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