Meet the Practice Cafe Team

Our Hard-Working Kitchen Staff

Heath Houston

Sales Director

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Jason Whitener - Sales Specialist - Practice Cafe Dental Marketing

Jason Whitener

Sales Account Manager

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Paula Wheeler

Marketing Campaign Strategist

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Brian Liddiard - Business Director - Practice Cafe

Brian Liddiard

Business Director

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Angie Cannon - Marketing Director - Practice Cafe

Angie Cannon

Marketing Director

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Matt Webb

Design Project Manager

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Darla Barar - Project Manager & Content Strategist - Practice Cafe

Darla Barar

Senior Content Strategist & Project Manager

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Carla - Accounting Specialist - Practice Cafe

Carla Quakenbush

Fulfillment Coordinator

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Debbie Allen


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Julie Farnham - Senior Project Manager - Practice Cafe

Julie Farnham

Senior Print Designer

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Cindy Brzostowski - Senior Content Strategist - Practice Cafe Dental Marketing

Cindy Brzostowski

Content Manager

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Ariel Dykes

Content Specialist

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Kalan Brock - Web Team Director - Practice Cafe Dental Marketing

Kalan Brock

Web Team Director

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Michele Smolensky - Web Designer

Michele Smolensky

Senior Web Developer & Designer

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Vanxai Luangrath

Senior Web Designer

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Olga Bennett - Web Developer - Practice Cafe

Olga Bennett

Web Developer

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Chase Newman

Senior Web Developer

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Jamie Steed - Operations Manager - Practice Cafe

Jamie Steed

Director of Operations & Digital Marketing

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Rachel McClure - SEO Specialist - Practice Cafe

Rachel Himle

Digital Marketing Manager

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Casey Shults - PPC Specialist - Practice Cafe Dental Marketing

Casey Shults

PPC Manager

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Matt Benevento

SEO Strategist

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Arthur Fuller - PPC Specialist

Arthur Fuller

PPC Strategist

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Sarah Emerson

Social Media & PPC Specialist

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Kelly Manalo

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Robert Mecchi

Digital Marketing Specialist

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