At Practice Cafe, we offer as many dental advertising services in-house as we can provide with our high standard of quality.

To free you up to spend time providing dentistry and focusing on the profitability of your business rather than worrying about handling everything for your marketing, we also coordinate several services with third-party vendors to help simplify your life. These vendor partners include but aren’t limited to our printer and mailhouse, our call tracking providers, and our photographers and video production team. In addition, we have a network of other third-party partners that we recommend to clients for increasing their dental practice’s success.

Academy of Dental CPAs

The Academy of Dental CPAs, founded in 2011, was the first dental CPA organization. The ADCPA has member firms that cover every state, and it is dedicated to helping you find the right professionals to meet your practice’s needs. ADCPA membership is exclusive, with CPA members and firms required to meet and maintain high professional standards. ADCPA members are trustworthy and knowledgeable with specific expertise in the field of dentistry.

Having an accountant with specialized knowledge of the business of dentistry means you’ll get more than financial statements and management reports. You’ll have another practice business advisor available to you, offering professional advice and experience-based wisdom that extends beyond just the numbers. ADCPA accountants can help assess the business health of your practice, they can determine things you can change to minimize taxes, and they can offer broad, data-driven perspective of “best practices” based on the successes and experiences of other dental offices. ADCPA believes that a good accountant should be one of your principal advisors on anything financial within your practice and related business dealings.

The level of services that you should receive from a CPA will depend on your needs but whatever services are provided, ADCPA thinks you have the right to expect them to be performed expeditiously with thorough communication. ADCPA members are also expected to offer educational information that empowers you to make more decisions about your practice finances on your own. With other accountants not expert in the field of dentistry, dentists often find themselves educating their accountants instead of the other way around! Part of the ADCPA mission is to enhance its members’ expertise through the sharing of knowledge and resources. When you work with an ADCPA firm, you can count on up-to-date expertise and progressive consulting. Above all, ADCPA members want you to feel confident and comfortable with their knowledge and services, including their awareness of your individual practice situation.

Contact the ADCPA member firm closest to your practice to get started! Also, check out ADCPA’s latest professional events.

Front Office Rocks

Front Office Rocks is a robust online dental training resource developed by Laura Hatch, an experienced dental office manager. After twelve years and two fee-for-service scratch practices, Laura witnessed the difficulties caused at the average dental front desk by a lack of training. Laura’s program delivers first-hand knowledge and expertise in a way that’s easy to implement, thereby helping your practice improve day-to-day operations and customer service from the very first video or seminar. Front Office Rocks’ online training videos and live seminars focus on “real-world” dental office needs, with all instruction designed around practical and proven methods for success in the areas of scheduling, productivity, staff retention, and revenue goals.

Front Office Rocks is a subscription-based service with no contracts. Get access to the entire library of over 180 on-demand videos with training opportunities for the entire staff: receptionist, scheduler, treatment coordinator, financial coordinator, and office manager! In addition to the video library, useful documents and policies are available for download and customization, plus subscribers are invited to “Live with Laura” webinars during which she addresses the latest, most important issues facing dental offices today. Check out Front Office Rocks’ rave reviews! Start your team’s training now to become their next satisfied customer.

Unique Dental Scheduling

Unique Dental Scheduling will make your practice more available to patients and prospective patients, regardless of your office hours and/or staff limitations. Breaking the mold from traditional answering services, UDS is dental-specific and will schedule both new and existing patients in accordance with your practice’s individual protocols and policies, directly in your practice management software. Their professional staff are expertly trained, and their team is there for you to fill any call answering needs or gaps you currently have.

They offer refreshing transparency as well as recorded calls, so you can feel fully informed and confident in Unique Dental Scheduling’s services and reporting. UDS is ready to be your partner at the front desk, providing excellent customer experiences for both you and your patients! Your marketing makes your phones ring, and UDS helps make sure calls are getting answered. Mention Practice Cafe when you contact Unique Dental Scheduling to let them know we sent you their way!

DentalCareLinks is a cloud-based web platform designed by a dentist for other dentists, where you can easily share and manage information for patient referrals. You can invite referring colleagues to join, securely send patient information between your practices, and share HIPAA-compliant data. Dentists and their teams alike appreciate the simplicity, ease, and time savings!

Dr. David Wolf had experienced the frustrating process of trying to send and receive referrals. The lost patient records and scheduling confusion felt like such a hassle! So he created a streamlined, user-friendly referral system for dentists, dental specialists, and their team members. You don’t need to be tech whiz, you just need the computers and internet connection that you already have, along with the desire and openness to improve your current referral system.

You can sign up for through their online registration form. Their basic plan gets you started with a fully-functional referral management dashboard that is completely FREE! Your referral partners can join and use the website for free, as well. Before you know it, you and your colleagues will be less worried about referral paperwork and more able to focus on dental care.


“Subscription-based” dentistry is exploding in popularity across the country as an affordable solution to help bring the approximately 130 million Americans without private dental insurance back into the office and dental chair. DentalHQ was created by dentists, for dentists to help practices attract and retain these uninsured or underinsured patients.

DentalHQ’s simple, flexible, and customizable software platform makes developing and managing your own in-house membership plan easy. Their program and resources will enable you to:

  • Determine the best plan(s) to offer patients that will work with your practice’s pricing
  • Get the word out! DentalHQ provides customized marketing materials with your logo and pricing.
  • Easily sign up patients, process their payments, and track your members online through the custom dashboard and automated processes
  • Promote your practice on the Marketplace directory so patients in your area can find you after finding DentalHQ!

In-house dental membership plans are highly-effective ways to appeal to, and connect directly with, your patients without any of the common hassles of dental insurance. DentalHQ is the solution to get you there: “Membership Plans Made Easy.” Give them a call today or chat with them online!

Scott McDonald & Associates

Scott McDonald & Associates specializes in demographic analyses and market research for healthcare professionals from dental to veterinary practices, and for both general doctors and specialists. Scott McDonald’s reports cover every area of the United States so wherever you’re trying to select an office site, determine business growth viability, or develop your marketing strategy, Scott McDonald & Associates can help you get answers.

Practice Cafe offers dentist-to-population analyses and demographic report services, and we frequently suggest that clients obtain additional information to corroborate and expand on our findings. For this, Scott McDonald is who we recommend! Since location is a factor that can make or break your practice’s success, a little research can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Dental Real Estate Experts

The Dental Real Estate Experts brokerage firm has exclusively represented dental tenants and buyers since 1988. Their nationwide, no-cost real estate representation is evidence of their keen awareness of the real estate needs specific to dentists, and their goal for you is two-fold: a dynamite office location and an airtight lease. These are two huge factors in dental practice value and profitability.

When you’re seeking your own dynamite location, Dental Real Estate Experts’ national, comprehensive dental space research system, coupled with their national network of brokers, can provide you with unmatched market intelligence in finding the right space for your practice. After a property has been chosen, Dental Real Estate Experts’ lease negotiations focus on the overall economics of the deal as well as the details of the lease agreement, ensuring protective agreements that safeguard cash and increase practice value. Years of experience and proven negotiation strategies significantly minimize obscure and perilous contractual terms that, if overlooked, can be financially ruinous to the practitioner. Dental Real Estate Experts’ value-added services historically save their clients conservatively 8-12% in real estate costs, plus you get the benefit of peace of mind. Want a dream location, an airtight lease, and reduced real estate costs? You can have it all with the Dental Real Estate Experts at NO COST to you as the tenant or buyer! Call 512-833-5300 to get started.

ACTdental Practice Coaching & Seminars

ACTdental specializes in accountability-based practice management coaching programs that are tailored to you and your team’s specific goals and challenges. ACT’s systems will help you to build a foundation for a thriving practice, and to develop the components and techniques for a dynamic and high-performing team. In addition, ACT helps you know your numbers so you can accurately analyze them in relation to your goals and recognize areas for greater growth and success. ACT’s programs foster a culture of responsibility both within their services as well as within your team. This makes for more successful, more fulfilled, and happier teams! Patients can surely feel the difference in an ACT-driven team.

Another appealing and beneficial aspect of ACTdental’s approach is that it’s based on the kind of work-life balance that appeals to you. ACT knows that taking control of your practice and boosting your production won’t mean all that much if you don’t have time for enjoying anything else in life. They also know that many dentists work long days and weeks but still turn the lights off at the end of each day feeling anxiety or burdensome worry about their business. ACT wants to help you and your team work smarter, not necessarily longer. Request a practice assessment to see where your greatest opportunities for growth are.

Along with their coaching programs, ACT offers several different kinds of dental seminars and courses. See which course your team needs the most!

Dental Intel

Dental Intel is an “Intelligent Dashboard” service that is seamless and easy to use. They are the leading solution in performance tracking and valuation of dental practices across the nation. Most dashboards are just attractive reports, but Dental Intel is unique because it offers thorough information and metrics with superior usefulness. After collecting data from your practice management and financial software, Dental Intel informs you on what happened, but also on what to do next and where you could go from there.

At Practice Cafe, we spend many hours tracking and monitoring our clients’ marketing. By doing this, we are able to help dentists achieve marketing success and, consequently, feel satisfaction and happiness as a client. With Dental Intel, dentists can gain similar information power, have more business successes, and experience greater peace of mind without spending much time. Get your first month free when you mention Practice Cafe!

My Social Practice

If you’re looking to heighten patient engagement with robust social media across all outlets, My Social Practice is the best solution out there. Their clever writers and hip designers create appealing, timely content for you every day. That’s right, each morning you’ll receive links and images, video clips, printable PDFs, and office promotion ideas. If you have something specific in mind, My Social Practice has a library of additional ideas and promotions available for you to search. Post what you like in minutes using their intuitive publishing tool. Its desktop interface and smartphone app integrate seamlessly with your practice’s social media accounts, and the system enables quick sharing of photos directly from your smartphone. One click pushes to multiple social media outlets, or you can schedule posts to publish later.

My Social Practice is out to crush the stereotypes you’ve heard about boring dental blogging. Their weekly blog content is relevant and includes impactful images. You can easily personalize posts to make them even more interesting to patients. Another thing we like about My Social Practice is that they know effective social media doesn’t start online—they say it starts inside your practice. To help you make this happen, My Social Practice provides monthly campaign materials (both physical and digital) to generate patient engagement in your office that people will want to post on social media. Visit their website to download a free eBook about the 5 Things Every Dental Practice Should Know About Social Media Marketing.