Financing options are nice, but they’re even nicer when they’re interest-free. All Practice Cafe clients who sign up for a dental direct mail campaign are given the option of an interest-free monthly payment plan. Ask us if your combination of marketing projects is eligible!

Interest-Free Monthly Payments

The application process for Practice Cafe financing is easy and fast, and approval rates are high. Manageable monthly payments spread out the cost of direct mail, which otherwise tends to be quite front-heavy with initial costs for design work, a mailing list, printing, mailhouse and postage for the first drop of a campaign. We know how important it is to preserve precious operating capital in the early days of a start-up dental practice, and we’ve made sacrifices to be able to help. We work hard to make custom direct mail marketing more affordable for our clients so they can invest in their own success and business growth with less stress. In addition, the same payment amount each month is dependable, easier to budget, and more transparent than charges that vary from month to month.

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Dental Marketing Financial Philosophy

Practice Cafe’s Financial Philosophy

Here at Practice Cafe, we do business with integrity and accountability to our clients and to ourselves. In our dealings with our fellowmen, we strive to live the golden rule. We want to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror before and after work with no regrets about the way we’ve conducted our business. After we’ve done marketing for you, let’s say we run into each other at a park when we’re 90 years old. We want to be able to sit down on the same park bench as you with a clear conscience and good feelings between us, probably while we talk about the weather. These principles will always be more important to us than making an extra buck.

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