Dental Practice Videos

Consider the Value of a Video

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, consider the immense visual value of a promotional video featuring your dental practice — you, your office, and your staff. Patient testimonials are powerful, too!

Practice Cafe and its video production partner work hard to offer you a good-quality product, timely turnaround, and affordability, which is a combination that can be hard to come by these days! We also offer patient education videos for your website, so ask us about those. For cat videos and the like, YouTube is still your best bet.

Star in Your Dental Practice Video

The Scoop On the Shoot

Our video production solution makes the process quick and simple, from scheduling a shoot to approving your final video. When you’re ready to order a practice video, we only need a week to get a videographer to your office, pretty much anywhere in the United States or Canada. Three days before the shoot, there will be a pre-production meeting to make sure you have the information needed to prepare for your shoot day, including a checklist for readying your office and a list of interview questions to expect. We also need to know if you’ll have one or two patients there to film testimonials. The length of the shoot depends on the desired final video length (see below). Within 14 days of your shoot date, your video will be ready for review!

A video camera can make the most composed and articulate people feel nervous or flustered, so we want to empower you with preparation. We want you to feel cool as a cucumber! Our videographers will help you feel and appear natural, at ease, and, most importantly, appealing to potential patients. Our goal is not to produce scripted videos that make you think, “That’s not me!,” but rather to guide the production process with the right questions that will naturally showcase what makes you and your practice special.

Final videos are delivered in HD and if you have a Practice Cafe website, we’ll upload your new video to it for free!

Video Length 1 Minute 1 1/2 Minutes 2 Minutes
Number of Interviews 2 interviews 3 interviews 4 interviews
$1,950 $2,350 $2,650
All videos are for one location and include one round of edits.
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