Practice Cafe is active within, an online community for dental professionals everywhere.

The DentalTown forum offers unique and informative message boards with posts generated by its membership of more than 150,000 worldwide. Practice Cafe regularly participates on the marketing message board threads, as well as threads about practice management, practice transitions, and even office design and location. We appreciate how the DentalTown community is rich in not only information-sharing, but also professional camaraderie. Even in the most remote geographical area, with DentalTown no dental professional ever has to practice “alone.”

DentalTown offers discussions about all things dental (and some things not), online CE courses to keep you informed about the latest dental treatment techniques and products, classified ads to help you staff and stock your practice, monthly polls that showcase popular trends in dentistry, and more. There’s also a DentalTown magazine that features articles and profiles you’ll actually want to read on topics you face in your day-to-day life as a practicing dentist. DentalTown’s online membership and magazine subscription are both free.

Some “Townies” (online DentalTown members and magazine subscribers) attend the annual Townie Meeting in Las Vegas to connect with other members and key opinion leaders in the profession. Check out DentalTown and see if it’s a dental community that you’d enjoy being a part of!

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